Welcome to the main event for transforming the healthcare model, where value and sustainability complement themselves:



In face of new market needs, alternative care and remuneration models bound to induction of healthcare quality configure the most viable prospective for the near future. The Latin American Congress on Value-based Healthcare (CLAVS’19) represents the possibility for finding already consolidated and succeeded experiences in such scope. Our intent is to provide associates of the Brazilian Value-based Healthcare, partners, and to the health community exclusive contents and experiences that help them in such transforming journey.

There will be two days of deep immersion in innovative contents and experiences, stressing perspectives and challenges for health managers and professionals experienced or have experienced such transition towards a value-based assistance, revealing consistent and well-succeeded practical cases all over the world, and more specifically, initiatives established in Latin America prominent national and international professionals will share such precious knowledge in an involving programming.

  • + 1,000 selected and qualified professionals
  • + 40 selected exhibitors
  • 2 intense programming days
  • National and international benchmarks
  • Very special networking
  • Revealing and promising experiences for the health segment

In order to find out what will happen on CLAVS, use the hashtag: #CLAVS19


Where will the event be held?

WCITY Events Center / Ballroom Space, in São Paulo.

Strategically located in the Berrini region, 6 km from Congonhas airport and 36 km from Guarulhos Airport, the WCITY Events Center (formerly known as World Trade Center) is a contemporaneous, friendly, and safe space, which gather on a single area: offices, hotel, and a wide congress and exhibition arena, also combining a design space, the ‘D&D Shopping’, exhibiting new trends and offering many conveniences.

What does my pre-enrollment include?
  • Participation on 2-day event
  • Access to the business trade show
  • Access to knowledge trails
  • Access to official opening
  • Participant kit
  • Attention: lunch and parking are not included.
Will there be local transportation available?

No, local transportation is at the visitor’s expenses. The region provides easy access options (6 minutes’ drive from Congonhas airport). The WCity Events is the closest one to the Berrini subway station. More information at:

Is parking included?

No. Parking is outsourced and is at the participant’s expenses. For your comfort, it is recommended to use taxi, Uber, or public transportation services for your displacement to/from the event.

Do you issue on-line certificate?

Yes, certificates will be sent via e-mail by the event organization within one week after the end of the event.

Do you issue an invoice?

No. As it is a non-profit organization, IBRAVS is exempted from issuing Invoices, only being required to issue a Receipt. Should a Receipt be required, confirm the payment, and send an e-mail to [email protected] or call +55 41 99256-1426.

Can the Receipt be issued to my company?

Yes, on the enrollment form, there will be a field for entering “Collecting Information”. Complete it with your company’s data for getting a Receipt in the company’s name.

How can I pay my enrollment?

Enrollments can be paid by means of bank slip whose due date is within 3 days from order confirmation, or by means of credit card in 6 installments without interests.

Can I divide my purchase in installments?

Yes! On the Eventbrite platform, it is possible to divide your enrollment in up to 6 installments without interests, using a credit card.

Is there any discount for purchases in group?

Yes, there are two official packages available on the Eventbrite platform. For purchases in group, different from options offered, please contact Bruna Almeida, from TM Jobs, phone +55 11 3392-1756 or e-mail [email protected].

Can I buy admissions for only 1 day?

No. The programming has been planned in order to distribute contents in a complimentary manner, the idea is providing an authentic immersion to the theme within two days.

Can I only participate for one day and transfer my enrollment to another person?

No, you cannot. During the event, admissions are personal, nominal, and non-transferable. Transfer will only be possible if it is done in advance and for the entire event package.

Does my enrollment assure presence to all meetings?

Yes. The schedule occurs linearly; therefore, it is possible to attend all meetings. However, there will be two Satellite Symposiums during the schedules when the themes will be subdivided into public and private area, so you can choose the choose the Table that best suits your professional area profile.

In addition to the enrollment amount paid will any other fee be required?

There will not be any additional fee besides your enrollment fee. You will solely and exclusively pay the enrollment fee (batch) valid on the date of purchase.

How can I generate a payment slip on behalf of my company?

On the enrollment form, select the payment slip option, it will activate a field to be completed with ‘Collection Information’. Enter your company data in order to have your payment slip issued for a corporate entity.

Are there student discounts?

There are no student discounts. The half-admission act only applies to amusement houses or establishments featuring musical, artist, circus, theater, cinema, social activity, recreation, cultural performances, sports events, and any other providing leisure, culture, and entertainment, such as dance clubs, bars, shows, sport stadiums, amusement parks, theaters, and museums.

Can I cancel my enrollment?

Yes, provided that your withdrawal does not exceed 7 calendar days after you have bought your ticket, and it occurs up to 48 hours before the event starts, it is possible to request full reimbursement. For reimbursing tickets bought as group packages, they shall be transferred to another person because their cancellation implies in cancelling the purchase of the entire package, requiring that new tickets are acquired at the current individual price.

Are IBRAVS associates and partners entitled to discounts?

Yes! IBRAVS associates and partners have their privileges. We offer benefits for those walking with us towards transforming the Brazilian health system. Contact Bruna Almeida via phone +55 11 3392-1756 or e-mail [email protected], and use your benefits.

How can I be an IBRAVS associate or partner?

In order to become an associate, contact [email protected] or via phone +55 41 99256-1426. In order to become a partner, contact Tania Machado or Bruna Almeida via phone +55 11 3392-1756 or e-mail [email protected] and find out the trade-offs and benefits that IBRAVS offers its associates and partners.

Can I transfer my enrollment?

Yes, it is possible to transfer the ownership of your ticket, but this operation will only be accepted up to 7 calendar days after purchasing, and provided that it occurs up to 48 hours before the event starting date. If you meet these requirements, contact Bruna Almeida via phone +55 11 3392-1756 or e-mail [email protected].

How shall I proceed in case I do not receive the ticket confirmation e-mail?

Even if you do not receive your tickets on your e-mail, your access to them will be assured, at any moment, via the Eventbrite platform menu. If you cannot locate them, contact Bruna Almeida via phone +55 11 3392-1756 or e-mail [email protected].

How can I sponsor CLAVS’19?

In order to have information about sponsorship quotas, contact Tania Machado or Bruna Almeida via phone +55 11 3392-1756 or e-mail [email protected].

Is any tax applied on my purchase?

There is no tax retention for trade show, exhibition, event, and congress services.

Any further doubt?

Contact Bruna Almeida via phone +55 11 3392-1756 or e-mail [email protected].


Photos and movies made during the CLAVS’19 – 1st Latin American Congress on Value-based Healthcare can be used by the organizer for promoting and disseminating it. Upon continuing with your enrollment for participating in the event, you state you are aware and agree with what has been previously informed.